Basic Mom Collection

When you create a new design and concept you hope a few things happen, ONE people like it and understand it and TWO, of course, is they buy it.  Basic Mom came to me just like all my other ideas do, organically from my day to day mom life experiences.  What’s so wrong with liking what you like and doing “basic” things that honestly aren’t so basic while sipping cold coffee and rocking some leggings. I mean hello first off coffee is LIFE and leggings well if you’ve worn them how can you not love them and make them part of your daily mom life uniform.  If I’ve learned anything its that motherhood is far from basic the daily ups, downs, curves, and chaos keeps us on our toes so if that makes me basic sign me up I’m 100% fine with my basic daily duties, routines and label as simply a BASIC MOM.

I think my sweet customer and fellow mama hustler Kelly from the Domestic Blonde Blog nailed it best when she posted our new mug on her Instagram feed and said. “According to the Urban Dictionary, the term B A S I C MOM Includes yoga fascination, after-school snacks, and the “mom” haircut. Can usually be found driving an SUV and sporting a top-of-the-line outdoor jacket. Sipping Starbucks and listening to Michael Buble or Josh Groban is optional.
Apparently, the person who wrote that definition doesn’t know about the Basic Mom’s I know… We just get sh#* done, and make it look easy. No Mom haircut needed

…Although, yoga pants always acceptable. ” @domesticblonde

So here I give you mamas the most BASIC of basics for your daily BASIC MOM needs I hope you ladies love this new mini collection and own your label proudly because there’s nothing wrong with being a Basic Mom.

You can check out the full BASIC MOM COLLECTION HERE, make sure to use CODE: BASIC for 20% off your basic mom order offer expires 3/18/18…while supplies last!




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