Birthday’s are for Growing

As my 37th birthday rolls around- I’m surrounded by growth. Literally, surrounded- with boxes on the floor, merchandise is stacked along walls, desk in corners new product with nowhere to go and nothing is quite under my control.

I’m going big or going home, my kids are developing their own sense of self- demanding more time/money/attention/patience; all things I’m TRYING to balance while not driving the exhaust-dad totally nuts.

It’s kinda a lot.

But as nothing is quite under control I realize I’ve let go to grow. I’ve let go of not having everything put away in these boxes on the floor and merchandise is awaiting their shelving systems. I’m letting go of the worry and anxiety of my little shop turning into a bigger culture as I take on 1500 sqft of retail and fulfillment space. I’ve started delegating task so I can take this baby in new directions while balancing my time for my not so wee babies growing lives while making sure I still drive the exhaust-dad totally nuts.

On top of all this you guys! YOU guys KEEP ME GROWING!! I can’t thank you all enough for your support. I love you all. Everything outside of my family has been to grown and be with this community. I wanted to grow our little wee brand into a culture we all could grow in. We’re always talking about ways to free up time and interact with you. I’m really excited about what’s on the horizon for us. I’m truly honored to get to grow with all of you. Thank you so much for the support you have given me these last 4 years (wow 4!!). I can wait to share WINE and COFFEE and EVENTS with you as we continue.









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Phrase to live by

No, it isn't "just hair."  A Mom Culture Contributor Post

No, it isn't "just hair." A Mom Culture Contributor Post

Momveralls the grown-up version our inner teen is dying to wear again!


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