DIY Back-to-School Project for Teacher


Ten Minute Teacher Gift to Start the School Year Off Right!

At the start of every school year, I like to do a little something for each of my kids’ new teachers. A simple gesture to say ‘thank you’ in advance (and to maybe warn them of the little ones’ antics). Here’s a quick 10 minute project you can do with your mini-me for an easy back to school present.

XO, Sarah

Supplies Needed:

1 Paintbrush

Safety scissors

Tempera paint in the color of your choice

Some kind of yarn or twine

1 sheet of card stock

A set of tiny human hands to assist

Our new “Teaching Tiny Humans is Exhausting” aluminum water bottle

1 Hole punch (not pictured)


Paint your assistant’s hands and have them make handprints on the card stock. While your assistant is washing his or her hands, cut out handprints when paint is dry. Obviously if your little ones are savvy with scissors, they can complete the task for you.

With extra card stock, write out a simple message to your new teacher. Have your little one sign off at the bottom and then cut out in the shape of a heart.

Hole punch both the note and handprints, group together and tie to water bottle with twine or yarn.



The super-presh back to school teacher gift perfect for the new educators in your life.

Find our new water bottle at

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