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healthy meals are my Nemesis

Being a mompreneur to three kids while running this little business doesn’t always leave me much time to focus on healthy eating or eating in general LOL. Between the summer hustle of playdates and sports commitments I honestly haven’t had that overabundance of time I thought I’d have to start eating better.  I’ve been exploring some options of local meal prep services and some home delivery companies to take some of the stress and workload off my busy plate so giving Freshly a try was a no brainer for this busy mama.

Freshly is a company that is composed of chefs who work to cook your meals weekly and can be prepared in three minutes….even I can spare three minutes to eat a good meal if it’s on hand!

These meals help make eating convenient, healthy, delicious, and sustainable! They are served fresh and are kept chilled through ice packs in the refrigerated boxes which leaves the meals delicious and as fresh as possible.

I got four gourmet meals shipped right to my door which included Chicken Parmigiana, Penne Bolognese, Veggie Fried Rice, and Shrimp Fajita. With Freshly you can pick meals from a changing menu where you custom make your meal plan for the week. The facility is gluten and peanut free to limit cross contamination and will accommodate dietary preferences. Plans are also easy to cancel which makes Freshly that much more convenient as you are not committed to an every week schedule and can cancel whenever you please! 

This awesome lifesaver package arrived just in time for my busy week and was perfectly packed and chilled even in our 105 degree SoCal weather.


I poured myself a nice refreshing glass of water and dug right into my four meal pack.  Our newest pint glass makes the perfect cold beverage companion on a hot day.

Grab one here

My first meal was this yummy Penne Bolognese which happens to be a specialty of my husbands so I’m a tough critic but this yummy pasta dish sure passed my test.

Meal two was this zesty Shrimp fajita and fresh roasted corn I added a side of lime and a cold sparking lime water on the side.  This was the perfect easy dinner after taking my boys to football practice ….three minutes and dinner was served! Our stemless Motherhood winging it glass was perfect for my mini mama fiesta.

For my third meal I had this amazing Chicken Parmigiana and broccoli with a sparking water….a nice wine would have been better but I forgot the wine section on my last shopping trip distracted mom fail because ‘raising tiny humans is exhausting’ and you forget the important things like WINE!

My final Freshly meal was this tasty veggie fried rice which made the PERFECT workday healthy lunch option for me.  I normally just eat a quick sandwich of whatever my littlest left on his plate.

I loved everything I received in my four meal plan pack and ease of having these healthy options on hand and ready in under three minutes is truly a busy mama’s lifesaver so thank you FRESHLY for taking some of the stress off this week for me.

Our new friends at Freshly are giving our followers a chance to try their service with a special code.  Use code: dlvr638, which gives first time Freshly users $20 off their 6 meal plan!!!!!

Let me know what you think of these yummy quick healthy options!





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