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Mother together

world breast-feeding week

When the lovely Oat Mama asked us to join in this years ‘Mother Together’ event it was a no brainer for us.  Having successfully nursed all three of my babies breastfeeding is something I’m passionate about as a mother and as a woman I love to help support other women during their nursing journey… it’s not always the easiest journey.

Nursing was not something that personally came easy to me or without many struggles, meltdowns and hours of lactation help.  My nursing journey was filled with all of the above and you can safely say I had every emotion during my early nursing experiences with our first-born.  From using an SNS system to six months on a nipple shield with bruised and battered black boobs  that ultimately ended up fighting double mastitis TWICE you can say I truly got the FULL experience as a first time nursing mother.

Somehow through it all with the love and support of my husband who I might add was the real pro nursing advocate in the beginning (I was not) and the help of a wonderful free lactation weekly support group in my town I survived those early years as a breast-feeding mother.  I went on to successfully nurse our sweet daughter until she was 18 months followed by our second for 19 months and finally our last baby for two years.  Had I not had the support systems in place with a loving husband, helpful tribe of women and nurses along with local groups I honestly don’t think I would have survived it ladies.

Now my nursing days are long behind me but when I see a mama nursing in public I give her a smile and nod or even most recently I was visiting my dear friend who is pumping for two I tried to give her extra encouragement (she’s pretty bad ass Hello TWINS) lets face it we all can use that ‘Mother together’ comradery whether you choose to nurse, formula feed, or do both Mama’s gotta stick together ladies we’re in it TOGETHER!!! #fedisbest

In the spirit of sticking together and showing Moms some love we are so excited to be in this year’s ‘Mother Together’ shopping guide with over 30+ stores all giving YOU some discount love to celebrate your journey during world breast feeding week.  Click on this link to see all the amazing shops coming together!!







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