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My Birthday Boy

My dearest Fletcher tonight I tucked in my sweet little three-year old and tomorrow when you wake up you will be FOUR.  I still can’t believe how fast these past four years have flown by with you.   I knew they would go fast just like they did with your sister and brother but with you its been like warp speed.

My pregnancy with you was anything but easy.  I suffered daily with morning sickness that lasted well past the normal range…. 36 straight weeks to be exact I threw up daily.  I tried everything under the sun and yet only minimal relief from acupuncture would help on occasion.  I had awful pains that could never be explained but were later labeled as irritable uterus, a bout of flu that landed me in the hospital with pre term labor contractions and then three false labor visits…… for a non rookie mom that was fun times NOT.

On the day you were born I was done I had been sick and miserable for so long I couldn’t even officially tell I was in labor I refused to go to the hospital but Daddy finally said that’s it I think we should go.  From the time we got to the hospital to the time you were born it was under an hour in a blink you were here.  Much like carrying you things didn’t go as planned there were issues with your delivery and lots of not so fun medical stuff had to occur but I’m not going into that tonight it’s for another post and another time my love.

After recovering from the complications of your birth I had to take stock of my life and what was truly important.  I believe everything does indeed happen for a reason I believe I had to experience the trials of carrying you to truly appreciate life and you.  The strength I gained from this experience helped me to let go of things I couldn’t control, I learned to say NO, I let go of a bad relationship with a close family member, I held you more and did dishes less, and I was finally brave enough to follow a dream that ended up becoming  WeeStructed.

You have been such a breath of fresh air to our family these past four years.  You have the sweetest nature the most infectious laugh and deep voice that is kinda just amazing, you are funny, kind , loving and you have made both Mommy and Daddy better parents.  You love life are happy everyday have simple wants and needs never complain and have been one of the easiest babies ever!

I would relive all the struggles of bringing you into the world over again a million times for even an ounce of your daily sunshine my son.

Cheers to you and being FOUR it’s one of my favorite ages and stages of childhood and I’m excited for all this year brings for you my little sunshine.





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