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Nothing can be planned or expected with tiny humans

Blessed with an easy first baby- There was no way this mama could have planned for battling cancer then, the strong will of her second child. Thank you @cristymettler, you’re a warrior and we appreciate you sharing your story with our mamas. xo 

‘Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting’ AND a daily battle with fear and worry. God has trusted us with these precious children but gave us no handbook. No guide on how to ‘Raise Good Humans’. In my twenties, I was blessed with a great kid. He was patient, kind, a great sleeper, an awesome eater, and a big people pleaser. 


Fast forward 8 years and his brother came along with his own mindset. The parenting skills I had stored away no longer applied to him. He is stubborn as hell, completely an “I do it myself” personality, fierce, strong, and the pickiest eater in the world. Rules mean nothing to him. Honestly, I’ve been struggling. Not knowing how to parent, how to discipline enough but not too much to stifle his personality. I’ve felt lost in this new sea of parenting.  

I’ve read that stubborn children are leaders, but leaders of what? The gang in prison or a CEO? I pray daily he’s the late…



As I learn to navigate the new sea of parenting with this crazy child I also face new worries. In my twenties, I had no worries, no concerns, no fears. I never feared health issues, development issues, eating issues, or healthy social development. I think my fears and worries started in my 30s. A month after turning 30 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a 3.5-year-old and I was faced with the fear of my kiddo not being raised with his mom. I felt too young to make that kind of health decisions. To be honest, cancer wasn’t even in my forethought. But I had an incredible army behind me and I was able to fight through it. Too many surgeries to count, a few years of hormone therapy and I am now cancer free. My husband and I always wanted another so we were blessed enough to get pregnant with our second. He was a whirlwind, my stubborn, independent one. He also has come with his own set of concerns. He was born with an adorable blonde streak that at the time I feared was a tumor or some form of cancer. Of course, my mind went to the worst. Thankfully it was only Vitiligo. As he has gotten older we face a new battle of his speech delay. At the age of two, we started speech therapy and he is coming along. I still worry that there could be something else wrong. Something I’ve missed, something I don’t see. Being diagnosed with cancer turned my world upside down, and now I see life differently. I try to not be caught off guard, to even expect the worst.

But in raising my humans I’m slowly learning that nothing can be planned out or expected. Each come with their own rule book. My third and final baby was a surprise, a beautiful daughter. She is only 7 months, but I can already tell she is a firecracker. She is going to have her own rulebook and I’m preparing myself for the change ahead. 
‘This is my Journey’ and I’m thankful to have found a community that is accepting, face the same daily struggles, understand the mom guilt, and moms that ‘Mother with all our hearts’

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Submission by the beautiful warrior mama @cristymettler

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