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Phrase to live by

Raise Good Humans has to be my favorite phrase to live by these days. The value of a good human never seemed as important as it does to me now that I have two tiny humans of my own. Of course, I want them to be good people, I think that’s something every mom can relate to. After finding out that my now four-year-old daughter is autistic, the idea of surrounding myself and her with good humans became my top priority.


I’m seeking knowledge, courage, and strength from anywhere I can find it because having a child with special needs is a hard road to walk alone. We do the best we can to show the world we got this because really, what choice as mothers or parents do any of us have?

We see doctors and specialist. We have speech therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA. Applied behavior analysis…. yeah I had to google that too. Who knew as I was becoming a mother for the second time that I would need to know what an IEP is, individual education plan in case you are not familiar. Not only do I need to know what that means, I also need to be up to date on all the current state laws that include a student in special education, all the latest research on what is best for a child developing differently than another. What therapies are the best, how much is too much? When to push forward and when to pull back. All of these decisions are mine and my husbands to make when it comes to our child. We are supposed to have all these answers. Doctors give referrals and that’s about it.

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There is no secret road map on the best path to take. Well, no one has shared it with us at least. We are forced to rely on ourselves, our community, our research, and our instincts. We seek out the best humans we can find to help guide us on this journey. Although my worries are often different from other moms, I find that the struggles are the same. Like, warrior mama Christy M. I felt like, we all have worries about our children to different degrees. My second child was supposed to be easy. I knew how to be a mom. I was supposed to be ahead of the game. But now I realize that no parent has a roadmap and all children are different. We are all just trying to figure it out. I used to try and look too far ahead into my daughters future and start to stress. This is a dangerous game to play, and I have decided not to anymore. I remind myself daily that no one is promised a tomorrow and I put my energy into today. Today’s struggles, today’s joys. These are the things that matter today.


Today my daughter told me I was her best friend. There was a time not too long ago that I didn’t know if she would ever have enough speech to say something like that. I love being her mom, and All that she has taught me. I love watching how kind and sweet my older daughter is to her sister. It makes me feel like we are doing something right. We have good humans in progress. Today was a good day, they are not all good, but I am thankful for today.


Submission by the beautiful @broookydee



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