The Great Outdoors

June is ‘Great Outdoors Month’


Ahhh….summertime. The sun stays out longer, the nights are warmer, people tend to take vacations. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love to be outdoors? I mean, unless you have severe allergies, there is probably something you enjoy doing outdoors. What better timing to talk about the great outdoors, than on World Environment Day and during Great Outdoors Month? Some of our favorite activities are going to the beach, hiking, and gardening. Since this post is about spending time outdoors, we will keep this short post. No excuses! 

 We encourage you to explore nature around you, wherever you may be.

If you live near the coast, go to the beach. Grab some sunscreen, sand toys, and a good book.

If the beach isn’t your “thing”, go explore nature and hike somewhere. Take a camera with you to capture all of the amazing flowers and trees surrounding you. You’d be surprised how captivating it can be to go on a hike with a camera and an open mind.

Don’t have a full day, but want to still be outdoors-y? Gardening is a great option for you!

Most people think that you can only add new plants in Springtime. But it’s not too late in June to plant certain veggies, such as: tomatoes, beans, and carrots. Or if you’d like to plant flowers, sunflowers are a classic choice.

How are you planning to spend your time this month? Go outside and explore! Remember that in order to Raise Good Humans, you need to provide them with sunlight and water.

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