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Originally posted on 5/4/18 by @mamasolbirth


Happy Friday, Mamas!

It’s been crickets over here, but for good reason! April was a pretty busy month for us since we moved. Which, if you’ve ever moved, is such a pain in the butt, and this doula had two births! And even with guess dates weeks apart both doula babies arrived within 3 days of each other. It was a whirlwind couple weeks, but we survived with lots of coffee and little sleep. And now, we’re here … 20 weeks. A bit of a milestone for most birthing people since 20 weeks marks the halfway point of your tiny humans journey earthside.

Growing Tiny Humans is Exhausting // Mom Culture

{Important side note – Once these sweet doula babies and their families were together, I thought to myself, “this is a prime example why we shouldn’t allow our Due Date to have so much power.” It’s why when sharing about my own pregnancy I always say our tiny human could arrive late August or September. First, it’s important to note that Due Dates are a helpful tool in that they allow our providers to see that our pregnancy and tiny humans development is following a specific developmental trajectory that all pregnancies tend to follow and in tracking this development they’re able to intervene if and when needed. There are variations of normal though. In fact, according to one study 50% of all women giving birth for the first time gave birth by 40 weeks and 5 days, while 75% gave birth by 41 weeks and 2 days. So what does this mean for you? Well, it means your baby will come when they’re ready, and there is a really good chance that your traditionally assigned Due Date will be wrong. If you’re up for reading or learning more about Due Dates and the medical decisions that are typically most affected by them a great place to start is here.}

Now, without further ado, our 20 week update!


How far along: 20 Weeks

Gender: if you follow along on IG you probably noticed that I shared we’re having our third BOY. It’s just my lot in life to be surrounded good men I guess.

Nickname: Baby Dinosaur Coco is still going strong

Maternity clothes: Duh! In addition to my usual favorites that I’ve shared about here previously, I’ve recently fallen in love with this tee from one of my favorite Mama run businesses Mom Culture. Seriously, Growing Tiny Humans is Exhausting, has there ever been a more appropriate tee for during pregnancy?! I also realllly love that it’s incredibly soft and stretchy in all the right places. She’s also the master mind behind that amazing Raise Good Humans tee you’ve probably seen floating around the Instagram universe.

Sleep: meh. Most of the time. Pregnancy pillow is coming in clutch for sure though.

Best moment this month: Our 20 week anatomy scan. I really loved seeing itty bitty feet and hands and really just getting to take inventory of all the magical work that’s been happening in there for the last 20 weeks. It never ceases to amaze me. We can grow a tiny human. I can grow a tiny human. I mean, for all the faults I’ve ever found in this body, it’s hard to deny how amazingly capable and strong it is once you see something like that.

Worst moment this month: Moving and my 20 week checkup. Why? Listen, I’m not a skinny person. I haven’t been, ever, really, and at nearly 30 I’m finally learning to love my body as it is. Growth is hard, especially as a woman who is not skinny. When you’re a pregnant person who doesn’t fit the typical mold you will inevitably encounter some really unpleasant and unwanted experiences… all because of weight. Providers honestly put too much weight on weight. Anyways, at this checkup, even though I have had healthy vitals and have worked out as much as life has allowed I still got a mini-lecture for my weight gain during this pregnancy. Because I’m not a skinny person. It was frustrating. Two pregnancies behind me though, and I finally see and trust that my body just knows what it needs to grow a human. So if you’ve ever had a similar experience with a provider during your pregnancy, solidarity. I’ve been there.

Miss anything: Sushi and wine. Which is crazy because I’m actually not a huge wine drinker.

Movement: Yes and I love it. Getting stronger by day.

Cravings: spicy foods and coffee (but what’s new there)

Queasy or sick: None! woot-woot!

Looking forward to: The boys being able to feel this little guy move around. They’re so excited for him to get here, so I just know they’ll really love feeling him move around.




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