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And so it begins. A new chapter in the book of WeeStructed, and you’re included. Here are the stories of moms like you, as told by one of our favorites, Marissa Ellis. This week’s ‘Wee Wing It’ interview is with non-other than blogger Sara Morris. Take a seat, make a cup of coffee in your ‘Motherhood Winging It” mug, and dive into Sara’s world of twins and running her awesome blog! Enjoy

Marisa: Hi Sara! Thanks so much for chatting with us! Maybe start by telling me about the boys and your family!

Sara: Well, I’m married to my middle school sweetheart and BFF. We’ve been “dating” (can you really call it that?) since we were 13, married for five years now. We have fraternal twin boys who are 2 years old and never stop moving, talking, chasing, fighting, or loving. We have a fur-baby dog named Tater Tot, and we live in the Seattle area. We love to take family date nights, try new food places, watch movies together, and play outside. Basically, we’re super busy, but really love it that way.

Marisa: That sounds like textbook twin life to me! What are the boys into right now?

Sara: Anything with wheels. They love their Cozy Coupes, Tonka Trucks, bikes, smaller play cars, and most recently – pushing (instead of riding in) the stroller. They also love their play kitchen they just got for their birthday, hiking and exploring, and Nemo. So much Nemo.

M: Have you braved the movie theater to take them to see Finding Dory?

S: No. I’ve thought about it, and there are even some Mommy & Me events I could try, but I just don’t think they’re ready for it. We’ll wait for it to come out and have an at-home movie night with popcorn.

M: I don’t blame you, that could get chaotic real quick haha. So what about you, mama? What do you love (besides your hubby and babes)?

S: Well, I love blogging. I like to talk (a lot) so blogging is kind of my way of doing that daily without accosting the neighbors when they walk by the house. I really, really love photography and have invested more time in that lately which has been really fun! I also love to cook, read a good book, go for walks, listen to music – I’m really digging Imagine Dragons right now, – and shop online.

M: I love that you have so many answers to that question! I think a lot of moms don’t know how to describe themselves outside of being a mom. And obviously I love your blog!

S: It’s taken time for me to get to that place and a lot of intentional investment in myself and my interests. I want to be a good mom and I spend a lot of time being a mom, and a lot of effort being a good mom, but I can’t be a good mom if I’m not also a good me. And I think it’s hard to teach my children to be well-rounded good humans without being one myself (or at least trying to be).

M: You’re doing it! I totally agree and think a lot of mamas need that reminder basically every day.

S: That’s why I love blogging. I have readers who want content, and I’ve made that commitment. It’s a good daily reminder, and motivator.

M: It’s great that you’ve found that ‘release’ and motivator. So give me a little back story about your Winging It picture.

Image-2 copy

S: Well, that picture was with my Baby A, Jude, (a term I recently discovered only Twin Moms know…) who is also my Hulk Child and, ironically, is the one who wants to be held all the time. It’s okay, though, because I’ll miss these days (and my biceps appreciate the workout). In that particular photo, we had to get out to run some errands, but we needed to feed the boys before we left (hangry toddlers + mall = disaster) so I was multitasking, which is basically my middle name. Holding Jude, drinking my still semi-hot coffee(win!), waiting for the eggs to cook, wearing my signature haven’t-washed-my-hair-in-too-long-mom-bun, hoping we made it out of the house before dusk, just kind of Winging It. So I asked my hubs to snap a picture. It’s hectic, but I think my picture is a pretty accurate depiction of this season, and I really love this season.

M: What was Baby B doing?

S: Snapping the buckle himself into his booster seat while announcing he was ready for “Eggs pees Mama. And toast. And pancakes. And more milk pees Mama.” then getting upset because he was trapped in his seat. You know #toddlerlife.

M: Ahh, the tantrums. We’re just starting to go through that, good times.

S: That wasn’t a tantrum really, as much as it was just whimpering. He usually saves the tantrums for public outings. He’s considerate like that.

M: So, super busy, hanging with and loving up on your boys, being a kickass woman and wifey, the usual.

S: Trying, anyway. Not always succeeding, but that’s life.

M: But you’re honest, and that’s important. What do you think is the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself as a result of being a mom?

S: My limits, and the lack thereof. I think the biggest thing is learning where my efforts are best spent, and where I should be channeling the energy I do have, instead of committing to everything I possibly can. It’s tough to say no sometimes, but I have to. It’s better for me and my family if I’m not stretched too thin. But the opposite it also true. I think in committing to the things I really love and find a passion for, I’ve broken through some of the ceilings I has set for myself. I’m achieving things I didn’t think I could, I’m growing personally in ways I didn’t think I could, and I think that’s a combination of wanting to be a better person for my kids, being honest with myself, being humble in a way only motherhood can teach you, and working really really really hard every damn day.

M: So so awesome to hear. You are so impressive and it’s nice to see that you recognize that!

S: Mmmm. I don’t know that I would say impressive. But I do put forth a lot of effort, and I’m proud of that. Don’t want people to think people I have a big head or anything. This mom bod changes just as many poopy diapers as the next awesome hard-working lady.

M: Oh I’m not saying you’re telling me you are. I’m telling YOU you are 

S: Well you’re super sweet, and also pretty impressive. So thanks. <3

M: Thanks! We need to build each other up in this crazy mom world! (and human world)

S: That’s my philosophy – promote the good. Build up. There’s too much bad in the world to promote it. Too much good not to.

M: Man, I couldn’t agree more. It feels like every day has it’s challenges (inside and outside of motherhood) and we have to consciously choose to make days good days.

S: There’s that saying – whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right. The same goes for our days, our lives, the good.

M: Well, thanks for giving me a little peek into your world. I really enjoy talking to you (always).

S: This was fun! And I always love talking to you, friend. <3

M: Now try to enjoy some kid free time with your BFF!

S: DVR for the win! (And Ice Cream. Cause YOLO. Or something like that)

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