Winging it, and winning it with grace.

Every day we wing it and win it, even if we don’t feel like it. Mamas we’re doing a great job, and giving ourselves a little grace can go a long way trust us!

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“I have felt really convicted lately. I am not perfect. I have made mistakes. Had poor judgment. Argued when I shouldn’t have. Spoke too soon. ➵
Even as a follower of Christ, I find myself in the dark places sometimes. when life gets busy.

I heard this over the weekend and it really spoke to me: “either the world happens to you, or you happen to the world.”

Life has certainly happened to me and while that hasn’t been bad necessarily, I haven’t felt like I am where I want and need to be: As a Christ follower, as a wife, as a mother, as a friend.

Looking for peace and balance with myself and my Lord. Great news is, there is always an abundance of grace. Thank you, Jesus.”


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