Another Motherless Mothers Day
Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the amazing humans in this community 💕 I took a little break from posting yesterday. It just didn’t feel right to me.

This year. This season has been a lot of emotions, both good, bad, mixed, and a lot of processing all that’s been happening. I spent Mother’s Day @laquintaresort, my happy place. From the squares on social media, life can appear swell, but I always say, “there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors behind what we see in social media.”

I personally try hard to keep it real and always practice what I preach, living authentically open and sharing my heart space for those who hold space in my social. I’ve just been going through some shit, but aren’t we all.

This Mother’s Day was spent with my siblings, who it’s safe to say also share my mixed emotions around Mother’s Day due to our upbringing, and my beautiful niece, who had to experience her first of many motherless mothers days from a truly amazing mother. High emotions were felt deep, and I couldn’t find the words yesterday. So I didn’t. I felt my feelings instead and gave myself love and grace, living in the moment outside of social media, and it was how it was meant to be spent.

I hope each of you got to spend the day the way that also best served your needs, and you felt the love you so effortlessly give to your families.

I am sending big hugs to you and truly hope you felt loved.

The title of mother comes with significant burdens and many responsibilities, but it’s the most amazing job we can have the pleasure of ever holding. The hours may suck, and the commute and environment can be a little crazy, but the payoff is worth every day of overtime we put in mamas.

Sarah 💕
Written by Sarah Komers

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