2020 Planners & Journals

I still can't believe it's already 2020, and a new decade is upon us, ladies.

I guess it's time to get organized (or at least try to)!

I'm honestly not very organized, and it kills both my husband and those who work with me that I refuse to use my iPhone google calendar or accept their event request when they send them. Subconsciously, I think it's my background. I've always lived day-by-day and have never been a "planner," but considering that I have three kids, run a small business and have lots of things to juggle, I'm trying to work on it, pinky-swear!

Here are a few of my Mom Culture loves, (aka items I'm crushing on) to help you and me get organized and tackle the New Year in style.

Rachel Hollis Planner

 Planners, Journals & Notebooks 

  • We love just about anything and everything Band.o has to offer especially their planners. 
  • Your Joyologist speaks the truth and teaches you to own it especially with their fun notepads.
  • Girl, this is your YEAR so get after it with our favorite author Rachel Hollis' new 2020 vision journal.
  • We absolutely adore Promptly Journals they offer truly unique journals for motherhood from miscarriage to adoption--they have the perfect journal for your journey, mama. 

You can't forget the witty and colorful writing gear to jot down your goals with and these are a few of my personal faves you can purchase from Bando or Walmart!

My goal is to try harder this year to actually "plan" and embrace the use of technology along with good old-fashioned paper goods. Apparently, you can't fully crush your goals if you can't remember them, mamas.


How do you plan on staying organized and on-track this year?  What are your favorite tools and planners?


Written by Sarah Komers


Yasss! I am both a planner and a procrastinator. I always start off strong, buying fancy planners (The Happy Planner is my fav) and fun pens (I’m a sucker for Paper Mate Flair pens). I will plan out Q1 with lots of color and stickers, then…fail. I just stop dedicating time to planning. As a result, I am All. Over. The. Place. So last year (around Q4), I switched to all digital (hello Google calendar). It works! However, I really miss good ol’ paper and pen. This year, my goal is to merge the two! Good luck to you on your road to Planner Queen!

Tiffany on Jan 10, 2020

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