Motherhood and ADHD: How to Stay Sane with These 8 Lighthearted Solutions

As a mother living with ADHD, I understand how challenging it can be to keep up with the demands of daily life. I know that managing ADHD as a mother can be like trying to herd cats but don't worry; you can use several simple methods daily to help you stay organized, focused, and in control. 


A few of my favorite soultions for self managing 



  • Make a daily schedule:


Having a schedule in place can help you stay on track and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. Break your day into manageable chunks of time and prioritize your tasks. And don't forget to schedule in some "me" time. Otherwise, you'll be running on empty.  Try time blocking your daily routine and using a ADHD time block clock if needed, this is the one I use HERE

    • Use a planner:


    A planner can be a helpful tool for keeping track of appointments, deadlines, and to-do lists. Write everything down, and make sure to check your planner regularly, unless you're into the whole "winging it" thing.


      • Minimize distractions:


      Distractions can be a major problem for mothers with ADHD, so it's important to minimize them as much as possible. Put your phone on silent, work in a quiet room, and try to eliminate any unnecessary noise, like your kids' constant chatter. I use headphones a TON to help keep me on task. It also signals to my kids that I'm working or need to focus on my task at that moment.  I prefer headphones to earbuds or airpods something about the pressure point over the ear seems to work best for me and my focus.  I love my old pink beats found HERE

      • Take breaks:


      Taking regular breaks can help you stay focused and prevent burnout. Take a short walk, do some stretching, or take a few minutes to relax and breathe deeply. And if that doesn't work, a glass of water usually does the trick cause mama gotta hydrate!

        • Practice self-care:


        Self-care is crucial for mothers with ADHD. Make sure to get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and take time for activities you enjoy. And if you're like me, music and movement also count as self-care. When I need a minute, I put on some of my favorite hype music and sing for a quick pick me up. 

          • Find a support group:


          Joining a support group can be a great way to connect with other mothers who understand what you're going through. You can share tips and advice, offer each additional support, and even a cup of coffee together.  We have a lot of fellow ADHD moms in our FACEBOOK VIP GROUP 'mom culture community' join HERE

            • Talk to your doctor


            If you think you may have ADHD, talk to your doctor. They can help you understand your symptoms and recommend medication or therapy to help you manage them. And remember, it's not just the kids who need medication, sometimes moms need it too. I'm one of them!

              • Be kind to yourself:


              Remember to be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up if things don't go as planned. You're doing the best you can, and that's all that matters. And if all else fails, remember, tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to mess up again.


                BONUS TIP 'Touch It Once' method


                This is hands down my best tip and one I use DAILY. I even say to myself, "touch it once, Sarah," as a reminder to get it done then and there. It's like a little mantra song I sing to myself.


                • Use the "Touch it Once" method:


                This method is all about handling tasks as soon as they come up rather than procrastinating or leaving them for later. When you receive a task, whether it's a phone call, email, or something else, make a decision about it right away. If you can handle it in less than two minutes, do it right then and there. Schedule it in your planner for a specific time if it will take longer. The key is to avoid returning to the same task multiple times, which can be a major distraction for mothers with ADHD.

                  This method can be incredibly helpful for mothers with ADHD, as it helps to reduce the number of distractions and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed. By handling tasks as soon as they come up, you'll be able to stay focused and be more productive throughout the day.

                  Another way to implement this method is by creating a 'Touch it Once' basket, where you put all the things that needs to be done and tackle them one by one. Once you finish a task, throw it away, recycle it or file it. This way, you can physically see your progress, and you are less likely to forget about something.

                  As with any new habit or strategy, it may take some time to get used to the "Touch it Once" method, but practice can become a valuable tool for managing your ADHD and staying organized as a mother. 


                  I want to remind all the moms out there that we all have our own struggles, and it is ok to ask for help, and it is ok to admit when things are tough. It is ok not to have it all together. And if you are reading this and you are a mom struggling with ADHD, know that you are not alone and that many resources and strategies are available to help you manage your symptoms. Be brave, mama, ask for help, seek support when needed, and remember to laugh at yourself and the craziness of motherhood. Remember that everyone is different, and it may take some time to find what works best for you.


                  I hope this blog post has provided you with valuable tips and tricks for managing ADHD as a mother. Remember to be kind to yourself, don't be afraid to ask for help, and always try to find humor in the chaos of motherhood. And if you ever need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to support you.


                  Take care,



                  Written by Sarah Komers

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