Postpartum body love

From the first time mom to the seasoned veteran the postpartum body has seen it all.  I feel women have finally come out of the shadows of hiding their postpartum bodies and fancy mesh panties to finally shining a light on the journeys these amazing bodies have been through with a newfound confidence.

I still remember the first glimpse at my own postpartum body after the birth of my daughter I was 26 and felt like a Mack truck had hit me.  The newly squishy tummy covered in stretch marks and medical tape was a little shocking, to be honest.  It personally took me weeks to embrace the changes my body had gone through and the new body motherhood had left me.  By the time I had our second baby at 28, I had fully grown to love and accept the marks and squish because it represented the growth of both these little humans and what my body was capable of doing. By the time I had my last and final baby at the age of 32 my body had walked the walk and talked the talk; stretch marks and hanging skin was nothing new to me and it didn’t even phase me a bit seeing my reflection in the mirror like it once had.  This body had the privilege to make and carry three humans its earned each mark and the extra hanging piece of skin and although it’s not the prettiest in a bikini I’m content in my motherhood skin in a way I never was before children.  This postpartum body I fully embrace with confidence and love for its journey means I’m a mother.

This beautiful video from shows just how far these bodies have come and the beauty they hold.  Mom Culture is honored to have two of our shirts featured on two very special mothers embracing their own postpartum bodies Meg Boggs of and Desiree Fortin of


To read more from Meg Boggs about postpartum bodies click here.



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