Self-Care For All Mamas

Self-Care For All Mamas

August 14 2018
Today's blog has been submitted by the lovely Emily of @chasingmcallisters about how with even th...

Why Should Kids Do Yoga?

June 21 2018
From babies to big kids, yoga has so many amazing overall health benefits. Aside from getting the body up and moving, there are several other advantages to introducing yoga at a young age.  “Yoga is not a religion, it is a way of life and encourages self-awareness, mindful breathing, balance and coordination.” Yaiza Magdalena wrote […]

Phrase to live by

April 2 2018
Raise Good Humans has to be my favorite phrase to live by these days. The value of a good human never seemed as important as it does to me now that I have two tiny humans of my own. Of course, I want them to be good people, I think that’s something every mom can […]

Pick your battles

August 7 2017
You saw my son, with his big brown eyes and beautiful contagious smile. You watched him run into the park with adventure pulsing through his little body. You saw me follow behind reminding him to be aware and considerate of the couple of kids there, you smiled at me and said hi.  More kids came, […]