International Left Hander's Day

For all my fellow lefties, you can celebrate because today is a national holiday! (woo hoo!) For all right-handed people out there--you probably had no idea! That's ok. I am here to shed some light on why this day makes us happy.

-3-ring binders and spiral notebooks were not created with us in mind
-I used to hate writing in pencil because you always end up with lead all over your hand
-People call you out like you have spinach in your teeth..."are you left handed??" I've always wanted to respond with "No...I'm right handed. Your eyes are playing tricks on you!" 
-Learning a new sport is beyond challenging because you're not sure whether to catch or throw with your left hand....don't even get me started on learning soccer! Do I kick with my right or my left leg?? 
It's so stressful! Not to mention that since we utilize the right side of our brain more frequently, we communicate differently. Take a minute to observe those around you. And be nice to all the lefties out there! 
What is/was your biggest struggle with being left-handed? Let us know in the comments.
Written by Julie Khaled

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