Same You, New Mood!

Last week Sarah bought tickets to our local movie theater to see Made for More and "Go watch this inspirational woman!" as a team building outing. I like motivation. So we made a night out of it with some of our friends. We went to Yardhouse for happy hour, chatted about current life situations, then we walked to the theater. Let me tell you, as soon as we walked in and looked around, we  thought "Oh my goodness! We should have gotten here earlier...not sure if we can find 4 seats together!" Once we sat down, the movie started and learned a bit more about this Rachel Hollis person everyone has been ranting and raving about. She and her husband have 4 beautiful children and recently moved to Austin, TX from Los Angeles. She was raised in a Christian house and on paper probably had a "squeaky clean" resume. But the way she was able to open up on screen and talk about how she is no different from you and I was truly remarkable.

At a young age, she walked into her older brother's bedroom, only to find him lying there surrounded in his own blood with a gun next to his head. She continued to say that before that moment she was a firm believer in the phrase "everything happens for a reason". That moment changed her outlook on the future and morphed that phrase into "there is meaning in everything". Hard times will happen no matter what, that is life. It is the way we deal with these struggles is what sets us apart. 

She also went on to be even more real and explain something that I'm sure most of our readers can relate to: body changes after babies. Talking about how boobs that were once perky and the center of attention of all outfits, turn into saggy tube socks...with runny yogurt in them (makes a great visual!) haha

One of her mottos in the movie was "Same you, new mood!" This is kind of a self-pep talk. Take a second to step back, say that to yourself. We are a result of the way we handle difficulties. Everyone has bruises and scars. People are made strong when they pick themselves up and realize to grow from those pains versus wallow in them day after day. 

She explains the reason why she starts her conferences by humiliating herself is to help people realize that they are not alone in real life struggles. Too often in today's society we find ourselves feeling inadequate and not "pretty enough" or that we are doing something wrong because our "friend" on Instagram seems to have this thing called life all figured out. 

 Her call-to-action in this movie and the purpose behind all of her books and podcasts, is this: COMMUNITY. She points out that we are made for more and we need to be surrounded by like-minded people who we can count on and know will support us, and vice versa. She said "If you see a woman sitting by herself...she is your new best friend!" Go up to people, make lasting friendships. Ask the hard questions. "How is your marriage?" "How are you really doing??" Be uplifting instead of tearing down those around you. 


Do you love Rachel Hollis? What resonated with you? Share your story with us!!







Written by Julie Khaled

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