The Seed of Adoption

Julie Khaled 1 comment

Written by: Sarah Cathryn My first exposure to adoption was when I was in middle school. My mom worked as a volunteer for an international adoption agency. She would meet orphanage staff at the airport...

Same You, New Mood!

Julie Khaled

Last week Sarah bought tickets to our local movie theater to see Made for More and "Go watch this inspirational woman!" as a team building outing. I like motivation. So we made a night out...

Raising Gentlemen

Julie Khaled
“They are mad at me every day for having them clean, have a bedtime, pick up their messes, get their chores done before video games, pick up their plates, pick up their laundry, shower and help around the apartment. They can call me mean & strict all day long. It’s the most exhausting battle […]