Loss, Infertility, and the Hope that Follows

Written By Julie Khaled - October 08 2019


Starr Lynch
October 10 2019

Michelle this is so well written. We need to do better with education and resources in the ER and recovery room for early loss women

Maria Cielo L.Quimen
October 09 2019

A heartwarming ,encouraging post dearest Michelel.I am personally moved beyond words.Thanks for sharing,it will really ease much pains for those who have had experience having miscarriage and loss of a child.Will be waiting more post from u.Ate Cielo❤️

October 08 2019

This was so well written and emotional. Thank you for sharing.

Kathy Nickolson
October 08 2019

Wow! What a great post! I love this so much! Very well written and so relatable. I started a blog to help me with my losses – https://mommyswiththeband.blog/2018/04/04/1-2-3-4-miscarriages/ – I actually suffered another miscarriage earlier this year so that makes 5. I’m done trying now though and have fully embraced our family just being the three of us. I’m speaking at the Footsteps for Maddie 5k this Sunday,. I’m super nervous but I feel like I could help others sharing my story as well. Thank you for what you’re doing and I wish you were available at my OB office. God bless you.

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