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I'm always on the hunt for new products especially ones that offer better options or more natural solutions for my family's needs. Recently, I started thinking about the next phase of my motherhood journey PUBERTY. Yes, I'm scared are you?

When I was a first-time mom, I read everything I could get my hands on from magazines to the latest books. I did lots of insane FBI-like mama research; which led me to join the world of cloth diapering. I had been such a crunchy nut about the best diapering choice for my daughter that it recently made me think about the best possible feminine hygiene choices for when her first period rolls into town.

Why would I not be just as insane with this delicate choice as I was when she was little?

This thought had been rolling around my busy mama brain for weeks when lo and behold I was listening to my beloved XM radio, and a commercial for LOLA came on. Instantly, I was glued to the advertisement and mission behind the brand that I had to check it out for myself... And guess what guys?

They have a FIRST PERIOD KIT!!!!! Talk about winning the mama jackpot and taking the guesswork out of how to help your not-so-little lady be prepared for her own journey into womanhood. This fun kit comes in an excellent keepsake box outfitted with a canvas pouch and sweet collection of stickers for her to customize the bag for her backpack. It's packed with an assortment of hygiene products for her to try out from panty liners to tampons this box will give her the tools, knowledge, and know-how. With its instructional cards for each product, she can have confidence in knowing how to use them.

I honestly love everything about this brand. Their desire to make products for women and their reproductive health, from the packaging to the customization; is winning it with options like monthly subscriptions to your door and these amazing first-period kits. This company passes the test and totally makes the "Mom Culture Loves" list.

 If you need more information on Lola products and talking about first periods check out The LOLA's personal, honest and real-life guide to your first period by the LOLA team and Dr. Lauren Stern found here.

Here's to raising strong and confident young women!!!



Photo credit: Krystal Feserly 

Written by Sarah Komers

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