Once Upon a Farm: DIY Recipes

Once Upon a Farm: DIY Recipes

 Most of you know we love Once Upon a Farm cold-pressed pouches because of their natural goodness. But, here's one more reason to love the brand: they are sharing some of their secret family recipes!! 

Green Kale & Apples

  • Mix up this medley to have your little ones gobbling greens in no time!
  • Leafy kale is the perfect way to plant a love for veggies early on while hemp seeds bring the good kind of fat to the table with amino acids and fatty acids for growing bodies.
  • This blend is best for babies 7 months and older.


Mama Bear Blueberry

  • Lightly steam the sweet potato and toss these ingredients in the blender for a combo your little cubs will love!
  • Coconut oil promotes brain development and vitamin absorption from blueberries, sweet potato and apple.
  • This blend is perfect for little ones 7 months and older. *Contains coconut



Wild Rumpus Avocado

  • Chop up the mint and toss these tasty ingredients together for the avocado lover in your life!
  • Pineapple adds vitamin C and mint helps with palate development while fan favorite, avocado, is rich in monounsaturated fats for brain development.
  • This blend is good for tots 7 months and older.



Gold-y Mango & the 3 Coconuts

  • Blend up this nutrient-dense mango meal just right for the little Goldilocks in your life!
  • Tasty turmeric is great for strengthening the immune system while shredded coconut helps with oral and motor development.
  • This blend is chewy so it’s good for little ones 9 months and older. *Contains coconut


Sun-Shiny Strawberry Patch

  • Lightly steam the squash and be sure to pit the date before adding these goodies to the blender for your babe!
  • Shredded coconut and chewy chia help promote oral and motor development while yummy butternut squash and sweet strawberry pack a punch of vitamin C.
  • This blend is chewy so it’s good for tots 9 months and older. *Contains coconut


To find more yummy organic recipes, read the original post here.




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