Open the door for your lady!

The idea for this blog came about when I was chatting with Gina about how many recent advancements in technology have taken some of the personal touch out of our lives.  Don't agree with us? Read on.

I don't think they even make cars without keyless entry anymore.  I remember seeing my dad open the passenger door for my mom and Gina remembers her husband doing that when they were dating in the early 90's. Not only because they are chivalrous men, but also because power locks didn't exist!

How many of you would admit it's easier to send a text rather than take 5 minutes to call someone for their birthday? (I'm raising my own hand...) However, when a loved one calls me out-of-the-blue or to send well wishes, it means SO much more than just another text message. That's not to say that a text isn't meaningful, but it shows how lazy we've gotten since technology makes things easier

There was a time without cell phones...seriously, it's true.  I don't remember this but Gina does.  You would have to call someone on their landline and wait for them to answer.  If they didn't, you either had to leave a message or try again later.  Because yes, there was a time when even answering machines didn't exist.  Now we get worried or frustrated when someone doesn't respond to our text within minutes.  Back in the day, you knew that they simply weren't home or were too busy to take your call.  

The internet has also removed some of our connection to other people.  That's not to say that we don't ask our friends for advice, call to chat, ask for a business reference, etc.   But there was a time when talking to people was the only way to share information.  Who remembers the dreaded family vacation slide show??  Gina remembers having to visit with friends and family to see actual pictures from their adventures.  Now we just text pics or post them on social media.     

What about handwritten letters? Thankfully, this is something my parents have ingrained in me at a young age. Handwritten notes and thank you cards are much better than the digital version. Gina and I are both big believers in mailing handwritten thank you cards. Even digital invitations have kind of ruined it for me. Isn't it so much easier to create a birthday party invite on and email it to everyone? Yes, but you lose out on the exclusivity of mailing an invitation. Maybe I'm "old school", but I think a lot of you will agree with me. 

We're not saying that technology has been all bad.  It's truly amazing to see how many advances have been made in our lifetimes so far.  We just thought it was fun to look back on so many changes and how they have affected us as social beings.  

 What are some traditions you miss from the "good ole days"?



Julie & Gina

Written by Julie Khaled

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