Pick Your Battles


Pick Your Battles

July 11th is National Free Slurpee Day at all 7-11 locations. Um yeah, bring on the brain freeze!

 Our kids now consider today a summertime tradition. It’s one battle we know better than to challenge them on. And with the launch of our new “Pick Your Battles” Varsity Vintage Jersey Tee, we thought what better way than to display its accuracy than by showcasing Slurpee day in action. Enjoy 

XO, Sarah





Sour Patch Kids flavor always wins with our tiny humans.






“Pick Your Battles” Varsity Vintage Jersey Tee: $29.00 



National Free Slurpee Day is Monday, July 11th at all 7-11 locations. Size small only (perfect for the tiny humans). Need more than one to get you through the week? Slurpee Week runs 7/12 through 7/18 where you can buy 7 and get 11 free! Restrictions apply. Check 7/11’s website or any physical location for more info.


Written by Gina Austin

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