Remembering who I was. Becoming who I want to be.

Written By Julie Khaled - February 25 2019


March 04 2019

For the record, you’re doing amazing. Continuing to send love hugs and good vibes your way!

February 27 2019

I can relate. It take a lot of self work and WORTH to remember you are first a human then a WOMAN before anything else. We take in a million roles and lose WHO WE ARE. This type of dialogue needs to exist so we know we’re not alone !

February 27 2019

Jess this was so incredibly inspiring! I seen myself during this entire read! I am so proud of you! Keep it coming! This was so Good!!

February 27 2019

Beautifully written and from the heart. Agree that only once you take care of yourself can you whole-heartedly have productive and positive relationships with others. Cheers to you, beautiful lady , inside and out.

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