The Seed of Adoption

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Written by: Sarah Cathryn My first exposure to adoption was when I was in middle school. My mom worked as a volunteer for an international adoption agency. She would meet orphanage staff at the airport...

3 Back to School Organization Tips

Julie Khaled

The kids are back to school, but the house is a mess and everyone is trying to get into a realistic routine. Where to start?? Fear no more, mama. We are here to help!  ...

Why are Dads important?

Julie Khaled
As I grow older, I realize that many holidays have very somber connotations for people. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day…it makes me so sad hearing that someone just wishes away the holidays. Now, as a newly-married woman (June 3, 2017) and not yet a parent, I find it hard to relate to some things. However, […]