Safe Online Surfing for Children

Julie Khaled

Written by: Marcia   Safe Surfing: Children Online Getting Started As parents, there are numerous things that you have to keep a close eye on when it comes to your children’s safety. The Internet can...

School Lockdown Drill

Gina Austin

Written by: Gina A. And just like that, we are back to school.  We made it through registration, school supplies, first day jitters, new teachers, PTA donation requests (already) and back to school night. I...

You're pregnant! what??

Julie Khaled

Congratulations! You're pregnant! Now what? You begin to Google “baby this” and “baby that” and start to feel overwhelmed by all the information. I know, its a lot. Have you considered hiring a doula to...

Can Your Child Help Themselves in an Aquatic Emergency?

Julie Khaled
Not One More Child Drowns….Can Your Child Help Themselves in an Aquatic Emergency?   As a parent, you always think you will watch over your children and not let the unthinkable happen when it comes to drowning. The fact is that our children are curious and adventurous! That moment when you are in another […]