The Unexpected Homework Helper: How Chewing Gum Saves the Day (and Sanity)

Hey there, fellow moms!

You know those evenings when it's time to tackle homework, and suddenly it feels like your kid's attention has taken a vacation? 📚✈️ We've all been there, struggling to keep our little scholars focused and engaged, especially when it comes to writing tasks. But guess what? There might be a simple, unexpected solution hiding in your bag of mom tricks: chewing gum! 🍬🖋️

Now, I'm not saying that gum is some magical spell that will turn your kitchen table into a Hogwarts study room, but hear me out. It turns out, there's some science behind why this little chewy wonder can help our kids, especially those with ADHD, buckle down and conquer those writing assignments. ✍️🧠

Chomping to Concentrate: The Gum Effect

Have you ever noticed how a piece of gum can make even the most mundane tasks seem a bit more bearable? Well, it's not just a placebo effect—it's actually backed by research. Chewing gum can stimulate certain parts of the brain responsible for memory and attention. So, when your kiddo pops a gum while facing a tricky writing task, their brain gets a little boost to stay focused and on track. 🍀🧐

For ADHD Warriors: The Ultimate Hack

Now, let's talk about our ADHD champs. We know that keeping their attention on a single task can feel like trying to catch a squirrel with a butterfly net. But here's where the gum magic truly shines. Chewing gum can provide sensory input that helps these kiddos regulate their attention better. It's like giving their wandering minds a little something to hold onto while they navigate the writing maze. 🌪️🍀

A Few Tips for Gum Success

Before you go raiding the candy aisle, here are a few mom-tested tips to make gum-chewing a homework success:

  1. Sugar-free Zone: Opt for sugar-free gum to avoid sugar highs and crashes that could turn your homework session into a rollercoaster.
  2. Break It Down: Give your child specific time slots to chew gum while working. This prevents it from becoming a distraction rather than a tool.
  3. Flavorful Variety: Let your kid choose their favorite gum flavor. Having a range of options makes this whole process more fun.

Final Chew on the Matter

So there you have it, fellow moms! The secret weapon we might not have known we needed: chewing gum. Whether it's the novelty, the brain-boosting effects, or the sensory input for our ADHD warriors, gum has proven itself as an unexpected hero in our homework struggles. 🦸‍♀️📝

And hey, let's not forget the extra bonding opportunities that come with sharing gum-chewing stories with our kids. Because sometimes, in the world of parenting, it's the little moments and tricks that make all the difference. So grab a pack of gum, roll up your sleeves, and let's turn homework time into a focused, gum-chomping adventure! 🍬📚

With gumption and gumption, 




Written by Sarah Komers


Love it. Usually for Map testing I would bring some gum for my students. It helped a lot. Although a controversial thing…gum can be at school in a class. Ha!

Andrea Ortiz on Oct 12, 2023

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