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For the better part of the past decade, I've been knee-deep and in the trenches of daily Motherhood. Raising tiny humans has been one of the most rewarding, yet utterly exhausting jobs I've ever held, and my self-care has suffered over the years because of it.

This season with everyone FINALLY in the same school, I vowed to do better by ME. I am taking time to focus a little of my energy on the most critical person in my life--MYSELF. Repeat after me, self-care is NOT selfish. Yes, we've all heard it, but do you believe it, mama?

One big area I've neglected has been my skin, and at 38, I feel it's finally catching up to me. The years of sleepless nights, forgotten sunscreen at playdates, and overall lack of proper hydration have left this mama feeling kind of dull. My once shiny skin no longer glistens with the same glow of my pre-kid days, and my lack of facials is pretty apparent.

Enter: The TREATMENT Skin Boutique (hallelujah)!!!


My consultation with Nikko was so helpful. He asked about my current and past skincare regimen. We also looked at the description of the services offered and what was recommended for my skin's needs. 


I'll be honest I've always been pretty basic with my routines and really had no clue on how to upgrade my skincare on my own, so I needed to find a place that could break it down for me and help with the overhaul I so desperately needed. The Treatment Skin Boutique did just that with a custom-tailored facial to bring my lackluster skin back to life with the perfect mix of the latest technology and products. They specialize in both injectables and full-service esthetician procedures like microdermabrasion and peels along with a full line of custom Treatment products to take your new found routine home and keep that glow going.


 My Treatments

This unit is called Light Stim. It looks scary, but it really wasn't at all. Essentially, it's a light unit (shown below with pink lights) that is designed to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to maintain the youthful appearance in your skin. So, pretty much, they are magical lights.

After laying under the Light Stim unit for about 20 minutes, Nikko performed the Dermasweep process. It feels like an exfoliation process, but what is so amazing is that while it sweeps off and removes the dead skin cells, it simultaneously infuses my skin with Vitamin C. It was a very rejuvenating process.  

I don't know what it is about facials, but I actually get more relaxed and feel so much more rejuvenated than when I get a message at the spa. I know...I'm weird but it relaxes me to the point I could almost take a quick catnap.  

The dermasweep is a very fast and effective way to get your shine back. Ladies, it has instant results with zero downtime and only took about an hour and a half from start to finish so it's perfect for the busy mama looking to get her glow back.  

This is me one week out. My skin is still glowing and my makeup goes on smoother than before (since all those yucky dead skin cells were removed via dermasweep).  



Not all self-care can be super-indulgent, but you know me, mama. I'm the queen of lifehacks and I don't endorse anything I don't believe in and trust. This facial was just what I needed to get my self-care back on track. Consider it a small investment in yourself.

Until August 31, 2019, enjoy 10% off of your entire bill (including services and products) when you mention Mom Culture during your visit to The Treatment Skin Boutique.



Written by Sarah Komers

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