When Will I Sleep Again?!?


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Whether you’re expecting, in the exciting but exhausting newborn phase, or midway through the first year, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve spent time wondering “When Am I Going To Sleep Again???” And different moms, moms groups, and parenting movements will tell you 100 different things.  If this sounds like you, read on, I’ve got something good for you!  My name is Heather, and I’m a San Diego’s Certified Newborn Care Specialist and founder of Sweet Sleep Newborn Care LLC.  As a Sleep Coach, Mom Culture asked me to share a few of the facts and tricks I use with clients to help get you and your babies sleeping… tonight! 
There are so many different dynamics out there with baby temperaments, parenting styles and philosophies, and health conditions of mom and baby - such as reflux and postpartum depression - which are very common.  Yet even with all those variables, we Newborn Care Specialists find that a Parent Directed approach is always successful in reducing colic and fussiness, preventing and reversing day-night confusion, increasing and maintaining breast milk supply, and getting babies to sleep through the night!
Right now the Baby Led approach is the “it” topic, so we hear, and perhaps know, a lot about that one.  Both baby led and parent directed approaches focus on meeting the baby’s needs, the difference is in how we go about it.  With a parent directed approach, moms and caregivers follow a feeding schedule, and have early bedtimes for baby.  When working with a client in home or over the phone, I will have parents follow an age appropriate version of the 7-7 EASY schedule. The EASY is an Eat Activity Sleep You Time flow with consistent wake up, nap, and bed times, scheduled activity and play times, as well as suggested activities, nap and bedtime routines.  I help parents set up a sleep conducive environment for baby, and I like to ensure that the baby toys and gear in the home properly promote motor skill and milestone development.  It’s typically just a few simple tweaks, and all of it works together to result in a BABY who SLEEPS 11-12 hours through the night, and doesn’t fall into those pesky Sleep Regressions and Wonder Week funks!!  Do I hear a “Yes, Please!”?
My Go To Tools & Tips you can Start Today:

• Parent Directed 3 hour feeding schedule, ensuring baby’s need for nutrition is mostly met during the day, reducing the need for feeding overnight
Sweet Sleep Newborn Care 

• No Stimulation Overnight, and only feeding when needed, not for soothing or a sleep prop

• Arm Capture Swaddle Sack by Pea Wee Baby for Naps & Overnights

• Lectro Fan, or the Marpac Hushh for Loud Deep White/Brown Noise for Naps & Overnights

• Colorful Bouncy Seat & Play Mat with bright, reactive toys for Activity time

• Dr. Browns Traditional Bottles when Bottle Feeding

See my complete Amazon Shopping List of Favorite Baby Items

Sweet Sleep’s flagship service is In-Home Overnight Newborn Care with Slow and Gentle Sleep Conditioning.  Because I can only serve 1-2 families at a time in this capacity, I also offer In-Home and Phone Consultations for Parents from Expecting to 3 years, quick Sleep Training, and free referrals to local, highly qualified NCSs.  Inquiry calls and interviews are always free of charge and free of any obligation.  I strive to have a service for anyone and every budget, and would love to hear from you!  



Current Specials are:
• $200 off of 0-12 week Sleep Conditioning Coaching

• 10% off of Prenatal Consults

• 10% off of my last overnight opening of 2018: 
 7 weeks, 5 nights a week from October 28 - December 13






Written by Julie Khaled

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