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Do you struggle with remembering appointments? Are you showing up late constantly? Did forget to call your brother to congratulate him on his promotion at work? If this sounds like you, it's time to get organized! You're in luck, we have the secret for how you can do just that.


We found a company called Boldly + Co. which was created by two very busy working mamas. Their planners are the cutest and most functional you can buy. Their focus is to regain control of your life, so you can actually have time to rest and enjoy every moment. What a strange concept, huh??


Even if you're not naturally a planner-type person, this process will help you tremendously! The way it works is to set aside a short amount of time at the beginning of the week (about 30 minutes) to write out everything on your mind and on your "to do" list. This section is called the "Brain Dump". You literally just list out everything.

Once that's done, you sort each task by priority level using the checkboxes to the right of your list. There's also a column to specify if a task needs to be done on a certain day.

Toward the bottom of the page, there is a section called "Quick Tasks". These are geared toward those random spare minutes you find during your day. Maybe your husband surprised you and cleaned the kitchen, so now you have time to call your mom and ask what her Mother's Day plans are! These sorts of tasks take 10 minutes or less. At the very bottom of this page is a section focused on balance. This is a great visual reminder to see if you are making an effort to improve these areas of your life every week. They include: mental health, physical health, spiritual health, etc.


 Another mindset this company emphasizes is to pay attention to your "zones". They categorize our energy levels throughout the day into a stoplight: green, yellow, and red.

Green zones (or times) are when you are most productive and have the most energy. It's best to focus on the tougher tasks on your list during this time. I am most productive and energetic first thing in the morning. So I try to get the hard work out of the way in the morning.

Yellow zones are when you are still productive, but you may be a little bit slower-moving or have more distractions. Try not to make huge decisions during this part of your day.

Red zones are when you are least productive and mentally aware. For me, this happens right around 9pm. I start getting super sleepy and possibly husband can agree with that! ;) 

Again, having a visual representation of your energy levels is an amazing way to stay more in-tune with your body and respect it when you need rest.


Everyone has 24 hours in a day. So, this is your reminder that you only have as much time in the day as you make for yourself. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and plan out your week! 

(Pictured above: Sarah with our "Raise Good Humans" Made in the USA mug)







    Written by Julie Khaled

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