FFC + Women's History Month
 As women, we have come a long way. Even as recently as 1920, when women were (finally) granted the right to vote. We still have a way to go until we are treated equally. However, I am thankful that most of us living in America today will not have to live in a world where women are less than equal to men (in most respects). I never considered myself to be a feminist, but I guess I am if I want women to be treated equally. And I'm encouraging you to lift up your fellow women. Not just in the month of March, but, throughout the year. Support small businesses, speak positively about one another, push each other to new limits. 
Within the past few months, Sarah has had the opportunity to join a group of incredible women, called, Female Founder Collective (FFC). These women are all small business owners and creatives who have decided to support each other and collaborate instead of compete. It is such an honor to have the FFC seal featured on our storefront as a way for others to recognize we are a woman-owned and run business. 
 Click here to join the FFC live event on Facebook TODAY 3/1/19. It will be hosted by Rebecca Minkoff to kickoff Women's History Month! 
Written by Julie Khaled

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