We just came off our daughter’s 11th birthday and now it’s onto our son’s 9th.  These two are only two years and 8 days apart, so it’s needless to say that May is a busy month for us. Between all the year-end events at school, sports and celebrating our babies’ birthdays, it goes by in a blur…just like their childhood, it’s blazing past me in hyper speed people.

Having the pleasure to raise both genders is a wonderful gift I’m blessed to experience, but navigating the difference can be a challenge. People say, “raise boys and girls the same way”. I get it and the meaning behind the saying, but there are differences you face in raising each gender.  In our current times, I feel the pressure to do better than our past to raise a gentleman who has manners, character and knows the boundaries of personal space and physical contact towards his fellow man and womankind.  As we’re bridging over from the little boy life into young boyhood, there are changes taking place, questions are being asked. In my efforts to teach him and guide him, I’ve looked to books for extra help!

As I’ve done with our daughter, I research and read before handing off these books to these young little minds. I feel it’s important that we do our research first so we’re able to answer their questions and be part of the conversation and learning process right along with them even if it’s a little uncomfortable for us both (insert the giggles…we’ve had lots of them).

I recently found Guys Stuff: The Body Book For Boys ages 8+ by American Girls Brand.  It’s the perfect book for our new stage of boyhood.  It has answered some questions that have recently arisen that he’s been nervous to ask about. Including encouraging good hygiene for those stinky feet and after sports shower needs–which I’m personally so very thankful he read that chapter–because P.U…the stink has hit our house.

This book covers THIS stage and doesn’t give unneeded information (no sex stuff) for our current stage which is why I felt it’s the perfect book for him and extremely age-appropriate.  It covers nutrition, hygiene, friendships, body changes, along with all things boyhood.

I encourage those approaching this new stage to check this book out and start a healthy age-appropriate conversation with your little gentlemen.



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