Classroom Rules A Free Download

As we return to our new “classrooms” today, here are a few rules I thought we could all use.⁣⁣
I’ve done a hybrid #homeschool program for the past eight years, on Friday's we had a homeschool day and projects, but to be honest, this experience has been rough for me. ⁣Its much harder and not what our homeschool days looked like at all. ⁣
I remind my children each day it’s new to me, and I’m also learning. From navigating three kids grades to using technology that's foreign to me each day has brought new challenges to our little class, but with respect, patience, and love, we can do this, and so can you!⁣

Sending love and virtual high fives to all the families trying to #distancelearn we all deserve gold stars 👌🏼 and a big shout out to the teachers trying to teach us while they also process this new “norm” it hasn’t been easy for them either. #givethemgrace #teachers




Written by Sarah Komers

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