Her body can- A Movement by Katie Crenshaw

#HerBodyCan ā£a movement created by @katiemcrenshaw šŸ“·|| @themomculture

Today I found myself finding inspiration to share this photo. Ā I've had it in my camera roll for over six months, never feeling brave enough to put it out in the universe, but theĀ caption hit me after seeing our shirt tagged over atĀ @herbodycan feed, and I finally went for it!

The words just came to me faster than I could jot them down in my little purse notebook. It was a release of sorts, acknowledging all that MY body has done. And that it is capable of doing, including all the hard things.

Her Body can.

Her body can heal from childhood illness and come back stronger.ā£
Her body can survive a bad childhood and still be a loving human.ā£
Her body can run away to escape abuse and learn to thrive.ā£
Her body can work to gain independence and stand on her own two feet.ā£
Her body can learn that substances donā€™t fix her and how to sober up and feel.ā£
Her body can find a good man and feel unconditional love and support.ā£
Her body can grow tiny humans and learn to break cycles of maternal patterns.ā£
Her body can overcome toxic relations and learn to set healthy boundaries to protect her physical and emotional health.ā£
Her body can find a purpose and passion that fuels her soul.ā£
Her body can learn to heal from trauma and face her past.ā£
Her body can be both flawed and beautiful.ā£
Every inch has been well lived in. It's created three lives. It's served her well and given her strength she never knew possible. ā£
Her body is mine and #herbodycanĀ 

And your body can too mama!!


Here is Katie Crenshaws photoĀ 

Written by Sarah Komers

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