Here's your reminder to get in the suit, mama

I can honestly say I don’t have a single memory of my mother in a bathing suit. I’m not sure if it’s because she tried to stay out of the sun or if it’s her illness that kept her from it…or maybe it was her body. Whatever the reason was, I never saw her in one growing up.  For a California native, you’d think I’d love suits and live in them, but nope not I. Sure, I loved them as a child and I dreaded them as a teen; majorly due to being so self-conscious of my ever-changing body.  I was 5’9″, ghostly pale (by choice), and until about 17 had zero cleavage; needless to say, I wasn’t found in a suit very often.  It was tanks and shorts with a hat most summers.

Fast forward to motherhood: having to brave those early mommy and me classes. I had to get over my fear of bathing suits and quick.  It wasn’t until my third and final baby that I truly embraced the mom bod that motherhood has given me, the squish and all its marks.  The funny thing is I’m NOW comfortable in my skin. It took being 37 years old and 20lbs heavier than I’ve ever been to truly be at home in this body.  Isn’t it funny how motherhood changes us?  And for the better, am I right?

I ran across a meme of sorts a few years ago and posted it on our social media called “10 Things Every Mom Needs To Remember This Summer” by needless to say it spoke to me and my following.  It’s also why I started making sure I put on the damn suit and enjoyed the fun with my children.  I don’t want them trying to remember if I played with them or swam in the pool when they’re older and I don’t want my daughter to see me hiding under layers and cause her to question her own body.

I splurged last summer for our family vacation on a new suit from a two-piece that I had seen on my good friend Sarah of @lovedbyhannahandeli she had the top on in a family photo and I fell in love with it and had to have it! I proudly put on that suit for every occasion last summer with confidence… I got in the water and in the picture with all my kids and even some mommy besties for a spa day.  I encourage you all to find a suit that makes you feel good (I know it’s hard but) get out this summer with your littles too; they won’t remember the stretch marks, saggy boobs or extra squish we have. They WILL REMEMBER that MOM played with them that summer!

Here are a few of my faves from last summer and this spring in my favorite suit.



Striped Crop Top


High-Waisted Bottom





Written by Sarah Komers

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