Potty Training

Since June is Potty Training Awareness month, we have decided to compile a list of tips and tricks.

When is the right time to start with potty training? Pull-Ups posted an article with 6 signs your toddler is ready to start potty training. 

This article we found on Pinterest has 15 genius potty training hacks. One that particularly stood out was to put a sticker on the wall behind the toilet paper roll. Show your child to only pull enough TP to reach the sticker. That way they don’t pull off too much TP and end up clogging the toilet.

There is even an entire brand dedicated to products geared toward potty training-aged children. Kandoo offers flushable wipes, hand soap, and much more. They specialize in chemical-free products that are kid-friendly. They are also the company that created Boogie Wipes. (Can I get an ‘Amen!’?)

Kandoo has an article about what types of rewards to offer your child during this exciting, yet sometimes stressful, transition in their growth. The most common reward we have found is a sticker chart. Kids are very visual. So when they can see the progress they have made, it can make a world of difference!


What are/were your potty training tips? Any funny stories? Successes or fails? We want to know!!




Written by Julie Khaled

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