How to Stay Positive

How do you stay positive in today's society? Every day (even without realizing it) we are constantly comparing ourselves to somebody else. We aren't happy with how our body looks because someone in a movie or magazine appears so much "skinnier". We criticize our accomplishments as thinking we aren't as successful as someone we see on Instagram or Facebook.

Whatever the influence, it affects the way we perceive reality. What are some ways to keep your positive energy flowing? Since today is Positive Thinking Day, I wanted to compile some of my favorite ways to help you stay motivated.


1. Self-care

Do something YOU love. Is that going for a run to clear your head? Go for a run. Is it pouring a glass of wine and sitting in a bubble bath? Go turn on the bathtub and crack open your favorite bottle of wine. Is it taking a nap? Go take a nap. You get the point. Do what makes you happy. Everyone should have at least 1 hour every day to do something they love to do and makes them feel happy. Set time aside for yourself.

2. Call a family member

I don't know about you, but most of my family lives hours away in a different city and some are in a different state. So it can be hard to feel close to them at times.
Every couple of days while I am driving to the grocery store or making dinner, I will plug in my headphones and call my family. Some days I call my mom and dad, other days I call my brother or grandparents. It may seem like a menial action, but you will be surprised. It is a gesture that will go a long way, for you and the person on the other line.

3. Help a friend

Have you ever moved your entire house by yourself? I didn't think so. Who did you reach out to? Your friends. (I mean, unless you're a beast like that and can move an entire house by yourself...props to you!) But really, be there for your friends so that they will be there for you. Are they struggling with a relationship? Plan a girl's (or guy's) night, pop some corn, and talk. Take a minute to slow down. You'll be pleasantly surprised how happy you feel knowing that you have helped someone else. 

4. Write or speak positive affirmations

This one seems silly at first, but I do it every day. I will write down the things and people in my life I am most thankful for. I will look in the mirror and tell myself things like "you are strong", "today will be a great day", "nice butt". Speaking positivity into your life will help change your perspective and help you see the brighter side of things. Of course, you will still have sad or angry days. But this practice helps so that when those days come around, you aren't blind-sided and have no clue how to get back up again.

5. Surround yourself with positivity

This can be on social media or in "real" life. Follow some inspirational accounts. Look up positive quotes on Pinterest. Make sure to hang out with those friends of yours. You know the friends I'm talking about. The ones who you can count on to have a good time. 

6. Have a good laugh

This goes hand-in-hand with #5. Watch a funny show or movie. My favorites are The Office, Parks & Recreation, and Friends.


What are some of your favorite ways to stay positive? Share your answers in the comment section!




Written by Julie Khaled

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