Mama. Mommy. Mom.

Mama. Mommy. Mom.

Written by: Codi B.

Simple words, easy to say, but so much meaning behind them.
You are forever changed the minute that pregnancy test turns positive. You are a Mom from that point on. Everything you do, is for that child. The way you eat, drink, the activities you do while pregnant, it’s all for the betterment and the growth of that little human growing inside of you.
Then the day comes you have that beautiful tiny baby. The labor, the very, very, long labor-I’ve carried you for 9 months I mean what’s 29 hours of labor going to do to me now?! The delivery. Then finally hearing your baby cry. That sweet cry you’ve waited for what seemed like an eternity to hear. You hold them for the first time and it seems like your world has never been more perfect than it is in that one single moment.
You think to yourself “Wow, this is real, I’m a Mom and I get to take care of this baby every single day”.
Mama. Mommy. Mom.
You’re trying to heal yourself from childbirth in a split second. Your hormones are going back to normal. Your milk is coming in. You, sweet Mama, get to be the number one person your baby calls on all day and all night.
You are their comfort.
You are their joy.
You bring so much to their lives just by being their Mom and taking care of them.
Reality sets in the minute you get home and everyday life seems to go back to normal, but your “normal” is very, very different than it once was. Lots of diaper changes, endless feedings, extreme amounts of crying (sometimes) and your world is completely flipped upside down by this little one you so badly wanted in your life.
You try to establish routines which eventually do work. You find the schedule that is best for your child and for you. You slowly but surely figure out little bits and pieces that make you the mom you always wanted to be. You are their mama.
The newborn baby stage rolls into older baby stage which turns into toddlerhood, and then turns into so many more stages after that. You learn to adjust to each stage you’re in. You learn how to be a Mama, then Mommy, then Mom. You learn what foods your child likes, what they don’t like, how they act, how they cry when they don’t get their way, their favorite toys, etc. You learn so much as a Mom.
Being a Mom requires that you put yourself on the back burner, or maybe it doesn’t require that but it sure feels like that most days. You come second to the needs of that sweet child you brought into this world. Everything you do is for them-for the health, well being, and betterment of that child. You have to be ok physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can show up and be the best mom you can be day in and day out.
All moms are superheroes in their own right. All moms have gone through something another mom cannot even fathom. All moms are doing the best job that they can do. All moms are the most perfect mom for their child.
On the days you feel like you’re failing, I can promise you that you’re not.
On the days that you feel like you cannot measure up, I can promise you that you mean so much more than you think.
On the days that you can’t stop laughing at your child or the tears of joy come easy, I can promise you there will be so many more days like that day.
Mama. Mommy. Mom.
This Mother’s Day I want all the Mom’s to know how much they are appreciated and how much they are loved. Moms all overdo the work of about 100 (or so it seems like) every single day. Being a mom is hard, it’s rough, but to the Mom whose reading this right now, I want you to know that YOU are amazing.
I know so many moms who I could give serious credit to for helping me along the path of motherhood, but no one stands out more than my mom. To my mom, if you’re reading this, I want you to know how much I love you and appreciate you. Thank you for helping me through it all: the newborn stage and now the toddler stage. Thank you for helping me through my postpartum depression and anxiety. Thank you for everything.
Today I’m sending all the mama love and mama good vibes to every single mom out there. Keep up the good work. Keep supporting each other. Keep loving each other. Keep lifting other moms up. Keep the light when the darkness seems so easy to reach. Keep raising good humans. Keep being you, the amazing mama you are.
Mama. Mommy. Mom.
Simple words and easy to say; but there’s so much meaning behind them.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there today!
Mama. Mommy. Mom.
Codi is a military wife and mama to two young ladies. She has a blog where she shares her encounters with PPD and PPA. She talks about the realities of marriage and explores all journeys of motherhood.
Written by Julie Khaled

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