Mom Culture Loves: GREAT Kids Snack Box

GREAT Kids Snack Boxes

Even though the kids are out of school for summer, these are still loooong days and somehow they eat more than I remember. Anyone else understand the struggle?! We discovered this amazing company that specializes in healthy kid snack boxes. Not only does it save this mama from a trip to the grocery store, but it also rescues my sanity knowing that what they are eating is healthy. I don’t need to worry about what comes out of the pantry anymore.

You can pick from 3 styles of snack boxes: 20 snacks, 30 snacks, or 30 gluten-free snacks! This is a month-to-month subscription service, so it’s not something you have to think about re-ordering every week. And by “healthy” snacks, I mean…the kids actually enjoy them! Nothing icky tasting. All super yummy options. Check it out here!

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For 25% off your order, use promo code at checkout: TMC25







Written by Julie Khaled

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