Stop Dreaming Small!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our outing to see the screening of "Made For More" with Rachel and Dave Hollis. (Read our full blog here about Made For More). 

Essentially, what resonated with us the most about her inspirational words of wisdom, was to "stop dreaming are made for MORE!". Your "more" may look different from my "more". We sent out a box of goodies to Rachel and Dave with some of our favorite Mom Culture tees and a bag of coffee. This was mainly to show our gratitude to them about how they are impacting today's society in such a positive way. Today, our week was made! We achieved our version of "more".

Sarah and I tuned into their daily livestream on Instagram and started ugly crying with joy when we saw her in our Raise Good Humans Ivory V Neck!! She gave us a little shout out and explained how wearing this shirt while dropping off her kids at school helps to encourage those around her. Her call to action was to raise kids to be kind and loving. To reach out to a friend in need. See a child sitting by themselves at the lunch table and sit with them. If you have to pick between getting straight A's and being a nice human--choose to be a nice human.




Julie + Sarah

Written by Julie Khaled

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