Tech Wellness

Tech Wellness is a brand based out of California that aims to promote healthy habits and remind people to live "analog" in a digital world. 

While learning about their brand, I stumbled across this amazing blog post on their site about how to maintain a healthy relationship with your phone. It sounds silly...but how many of the 15 tips could you say you are guilty of? I know I have done about half of them!


Some of their tips include:

    -Never store your phone in your clothes (bra, pocket, etc.)
    -Use speakerphone as much as possible to avoid direct contact with your phone
    -Use a stylus or the talk-to-text feature
    -Remember to be the boss of your phone (or any devices) which means no phones during meals and restricting certain apps to kids

      Read the full blog here!



       These are our favorite picks from their site.

      Sarah below in the "Look at me not your phone" tee



       Julie below in their "Airplane Mode" sweatshirt


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      Written by Julie Khaled

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