Eyebrow Tinting Hack Every Woman Needs To Know About!

Ok ladies! I have discovered the ultimate beauty hack! I can't take the credit though. I came across this article on Glamour.com by Amber Katz about how she uses male mustache dye to tint her eyebrows. Why is this such great news? Ummm… you can purchase this Just for Men dye for about $10, whereas going to the salon can cost upwards of $30 (and this method actually lasts longer)! Amber has laid out a great step-by-step guide of how to properly use this dye for eyebrow tinting.

Thanks to Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani in the 90's....my brows are still recovering from over-tweezing. Needless to say, this tinting hack has saved my beauty budget!! Hopefully it will help you too!


What you will need:


Things to know about before starting this process:

  • Pick the right color for your brows
  • Use Vaseline to prevent dye run-off
  • Make sure you're not in a rush to get somewhere. Give yourself time to do it right.
  • Hint with tint: I like to fill in even the little "baby" hairs because my eyebrows are a little sparse... This may cause some tinting on the surrounding skin for a couple of days, but it is not permanent and gives a more full look.


Here is the step-by-step process:

1.Mix about 3" of each product together (make a stripe of each as shown in the picture).



2.Pull your hair back so it doesn't accidentally get stained.

3.Apply barrier cream to prevent unwanted stainage on your skin.


4.Using the applicator brush, apply goop to your brows. Don't be afraid to get those baby hairs that I mentioned earlier. My daughter saw me doing this and said that I look like Shrek....don't do this in front of your vocal kiddos. haha


5.Set the timer for 5 minutes and then rinse off with a washcloth and water.

6.If the color is not as dark as you'd hoped, repeat steps 3-5 and leave the dye on for another 5 minutes.

7.Rinse off with a washcloth and water.

8.Smile - because you just saved at least $20 and a trip to the salon!


Have you tried it? Let us know your success story below!




Written by Julie Khaled

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