Marriage Truths: The Holidays

Julie Khaled

    (Pictured above: @theperfectmom in our I Heart Santa pullover and her hubby sporting our Exhaust-Dad tee) My first married Christmas was the worst Christmas I have ever experienced. While I love the holidays,...

Tech Wellness

Julie Khaled

Tech Wellness is a brand based out of California that aims to promote healthy habits and remind people to live "analog" in a digital world.  While learning about their brand, I stumbled across this amazing...

Worth the wait

Gina Austin
The other day I was talking with a mom at school whose son is in kinder with my son.  She was telling me about her dad who was in the hospital with some health issues.  Then she told me how old he is.  He’s 58.  58? Really? Her DAD is only 11 years older than […]