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The Kitchen Island is Clean

The Kitchen Island is Clean

It's different in everyone's house.  The place that seems to attract all the clutter of our daily lives.  For me, it's our kitchen island.  It's the place where I pack and unpack lunches, the place where important papers pile up, where receipts from the week hang out until added to the budget, the place where lost toys find themselves, the place where to-do lists and sticky notes are always present.  

Now it's empty.

I have complained endlessly to my family about wanting the island to be clean.  It was a daily struggle to find a square inch of space there. What I have now come to realize is that the island is a direct reflection of our life. 

Our life has stopped.  The island is clean.  

All that stuff, all those lists, all the things to do, the errands to run, the lunches to pack, the activities to get to, all stopped. Now there is one lonely notepad because I still make a list of things to do for the's a lot simpler now and closer to home.  

I know that everyone has this place in their home.  Maybe you've noticed the change, maybe not yet.  Our lives have surely changed a lot over the past few weeks, and I'm sure more changes are yet to come.  I'm choosing to embrace the change and enjoy the time with my family.  We haven't spent this much time together since our last vacation.  Yes, it can be challenging, but our vacations have also been challenging.  So even though I've traded that clean island for a blanket and pillow fort in the living room and a plastic food dinner party in the dining room, it's OK...I'm going to enjoy that clean island while it lasts.  

Have you noticed this in your home?  How are you adjusting to your new normal? 


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