Things I Wish Someone Told Me Earlier About Being Pregnant

Things I Wish Someone Told Me Earlier About Being Pregnant- By Tanya Mayer

Morning sickness = routine. Boobs, a whole lot bigger. You suddenly crave pickles with peanut butter (or some other strange dish!). Mood swings? Watch out, they’re coming. These are all things most pregnant women expect, it’s part and parcel of the journey. . 

But then there are the things no one tells you about. Some will make you smile with joy, others scream in sheer desperation, while a few are just downright weird. These are the 7 things I wish someone had told me earlier about being pregnant. 

Your Belly Is No Longer Yours 

The first time a member of your family puts their hand on your belly, you get a warm and fuzzy feeling. Everyone is excited, you can’t wait for them to feel that little kick. But then everyone starts doing it. Friends. Colleagues. The neighbour you don’t even like. Complete strangers. Fact is, you’re going to have to fight for your personal space once you’re pregnant. 

Dads Need Support Too! 

At first, I thought us moms were the only ones who could get the baby blues. Depression amongst pregnant women is relatively common and well publicized. But did you know that 10% of new dads also experience anxiety and depression? And 5% of expecting fathers? No, I didn’t either. The fact is that dads go through similar feelings as expecting moms, and while the experience is clearly not the same, dads need support too. 

You Won’t Be Able to Concentrate 

When you’re pregnant, work, bills, reading, and even watching a movie with a complicated plot may become ridiculously difficult. A combination of fatigue, morning, sickness, hormonal changes, and everything being put on the backburner (because, well, you’re pregnant!), all translate to concentration becoming a skill you no longer master

“When I was pregnant…”

They mean well. They want to give you advice based on their own experiences. They’ll tell you stories, give you advice, and just give you a bunch of information you never asked for. Sure, it’s nice at first. But it gets tiring in a real hurry…! 

Everyone Wants to Give You Advice 

Don’t get me wrong, advice is very welcome when you’re pregnant. Especially when it’s your first time and you have absolutely no idea about what you’re doing. There’s only so much baby books can tell you, after all. But once you hear that you shouldn’t sit or stand for too long, to not believe everything you read, and that secondhand smoke is dangerous… go ahead and just nod and smile. 

It Can Feel Incredibly Lonely 

When you’re pregnant, everyone gives you attention. Friends who haven’t been in touch in years will send you a message. Parents will give you the kind of attention you last got when you were a baby yourself. Colleagues open doors and grab you lunch like never before. But it still feels lonely. Because pregnancy can suck. Because those around you don’t know what it’s like. Even when you are surrounded by people and loads of love, you can still feel incredibly alone. 

It’s An Unforgettable Journey That Flies By 

When you’re going through it, pregnancy feels like it’s going on forever. When will your baby decide to come out already? You’re tired of the swollen feet, the mood swings, the strange culinary concoctions, you want to get it over with. And suddenly you realize it’s all behind you. That beautiful, unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime journey has happened. 

Really, pregnancy is one of those ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ experiences. That’s why I recommend really living your pregnancy as fully as you can, even if it gets painful and emotional at times. Those memories will stay with you for life. And they’re beautiful. It’s all part of your story of becoming a mother.  

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