Coffee, Coffee, Coffeeeeee!

So we are pretty excited that Saturday is National Coffee Day! Iced, hot, cold-brewed, nitro tap... The possibilities are endless!

We found this diagram helpful in understanding the differences between coffee drinks.

Did you know that???

 -Coffee trees can grow up to 30ft, but usually are only about 5ft tall to make for easier picking!

-Drinking cold brew coffee is better for your stomach, it is less acidic than regularly-brewed coffee.

 -Always choose coffee beans versus ground coffee. The oils dissipate quickly once the beans have been ground. So technically, you end up with a fresher cup if you grind the beans right before brewing.

-When shopping for a bag of coffee, check that the roast date is no more than 3 weeks prior and the harvest date no more than a year prior.

-A latte has much more milk/foam than a cappuccino.


Our favorite method of making coffee here at Mom Culture is via pour over system. We got ours at....yep, you guessed it...TARGET!

Chantal Ceramic Pour Over (purchase here) Only $9.99!

Super easy to use and easy to clean....and the coffee is delicious! 





What is your favorite way to drink coffee?







Written by Julie Khaled

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