Mom Culture Loves: Urban Walls

Need a room upgrade but limited on the ability to paint or install wallpaper?  

We feel your pain, mama. We had that same issue here at Mom Culture headquarters.

We're always trying to spruce up our warehouse, and that can be hard to do on a tight budget. I've been wanting to paint the walls for a while now. Since this is not our "forever space" and we are only renting our warehouse and showroom, the landlord had very strict rules about having to paint back to the original grey color when we move out. That was too much of a commitment for this mama and way too limited with what we could do.

I finally came up with a solution after a night of scrolling Instagram and I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it sooner!

Insert one of my favorite brands  Urban Walls, the perfect fit for this project! 

They specialize in affordable and removable wall decor. I literally squealed and did a happy dance when I found the perfect "Mom Culture" brand colors on their website!

We ordered 2 packs of the Large Pink Brush Strokes and were amazed at how it added so much personality to our warehouse. They were the perfect touch and honestly very close to our dream paint job too!

These were super easy to apply to our wall surface and made such an impact. 

Mom Culture Loves: Urban Walls

Why not enjoy the scenery of where you work every day? I just love walking into our warehouse in the mornings now; it's so cheerful and bright.

We also added a fun "on brand" outdoor rug from Opal House, a few modern pink chairs to add a POP of color to our basic white IKEA work table for a fun and inviting meeting area for our crew.

1. Royal Stripe Outdoor Rug - Opalhouse™

2. Modern Pink Chairs

3. IKEA work table 

Written by Sarah Komers

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