Body Positivity with Desiree

When I found out I was pregnant with triplets one of the first things I did was Google women pregnant with triplets! I remember wondering how my small petite body would be able to actually carry 3 babies at one time and asking God, “please help me carry my babies.” My first Doctor, recommended a selective reduction. She told me I would have an unsuccessful pregnancy because I was too skinny, not tall enough, and had never delivery a child before. I knew then I needed to find a doctor who was willing to support me to carry all three babies and that is exactly what I did. •

The weeks went by and my body stretched and stretched. I knew my body was transforming into something new and wouldn’t be the same as it was before. And it certainly did. My stomach is covered in loose saggy skin and stretch marks. It has taken a daily effort to change my perspective and see the beauty that is right before my eyes. •

Mama, remember wherever you are on your journey, have grace for your body. It takes time to fully embrace your new mom body, but with intentional effort I believe you will see the beauty I see in you too💕 •

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 -Desiree F. @theperfectmom

To read more about body positivity, click here. 

Written by Julie Khaled

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